Best Way to Apply Press-on Nails

1. What is the recommended way to apply a Brio Nail Co set?

Wash your hands. Using a cotton ball apply rubbing alcohol and begin to remove any oil/lotion from your nails. Clean nails are essential to ensuring your set stays on for a long period of time. Use the wooden stick to push back overgrown cuticles. If you have a cuticle cutter, use it to remove dead skin. Take the B.N.C nail file and begin to lightly buff your nails. This provides a clean,sturdy base for your new set to sit on.

Next, find the nails that best fit the size of your natural nail. Notice that each nail has a small number listed on the tip. This speeds the sizing process up because there are two of the same numbers. It also creates a cohesive look between both hands.

Now comes the fun part, take your B.N.C glue (use scissors to cut the top) and place desired amount on your artificial nail. Place artificial nail on your real nail, make sure it’s straight before firmly pressing the two together. Press together for about 10 seconds and repeat these two steps for all nails. 
Expert Tip: use a coarse towel to wipe away any glue that seeps from underneath the nail. 

  1. How do I take the set off?
  • You’ll need a glass bowl with tolerably hot water, body wash, your wooden stick that’s included with every set, and a pretty plant to help the time fly by
  • Place body wash in hot water, stir with hands, and submerge and allow your nails to soak. Depending on how long you’ve had your set on and how much glue applied will determine soak time. This is where your pretty plant comes into play. Gaze at it, create some new goals, and allow the time to pass.
  • After about 5-10 minutes, use the slanted side of the wooden stick to begin “swiping” lengthwise underneath the nail.  If it doesn’t feel loose, submerge nail and soak until nail easily slides off
  • If you have glue residue on your nail, use the B.N.C file to buff. Apply nail hardener and oil to your cuticles. This keeps your natural nails looking healthy and beautiful— Hope this helps!